Sonnen ecoLinx 30 Battery System

The power company Sonnen has announced the expansion of its product line with the introduction of its ecoLinx 30 battery system.

Sonnen states that its new, larger capacity ecoLinx 30 is designed like its other products to integrate into solar and automation systems to deliver clean energy to homes.

According to Sonnen, the new battery solution provides homeowners with a warranty of 15,000 charge cycles or 15 years of use.

Sonnen points out that through its latest battery product’s ability to work with new or existing solar and automation systems, integrators can offer their customers a smart, configurable backup power solution.

The company adds the product is now available to dealers, and Sonnen notes that products like the ecoLinx 30 applies to “bring your battery programs. This means that homeowners have the possibility to get money back from select utility companies.


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 ecoLinx 30
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 ecoLinx 30 Battery System
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